Let Them Think What They Want

Let Them Think What They Want

“What if you let them come up with their own misguided opinions, then laughed them off and let it go? What would happen?”

Too many times we focus on what people have to say about us. Too many times we let people’s opinions dictate the life we live. Too many times we allow their lies distract us and ultimately derail us.
What would happen if we just ignored them? Ignore their snide remarks and witty comments.

What would happen if we stay focused on us, on our task, on our happiness?

Today, I made a conscious decision to let people think and believe whatever they want. Laugh it off, smile it off, or even sleep it off! Eventually, the rumors and the lies will come to an end. After all, you can ALWAYS outlive a lie.(Thanx GSR) 😉IMG_1561.PNG

On the Count of 3, Move on…


moving onEver felt like you’ve been betrayed by someone you cared about or thought cared about you? Ever felt broken about a situation and you had not the slightest idea how to move pass it? Most likely we’ve all had an experience that we just did not know how to get pass. Whether it be a ruined friendship, a break up, or just any hurtful life experience.

Many times I’ve dealt with hurtful situations. One in particular that included people I love walking out on me. While I never showed it, I was hurt! I remember venting to my baby brother one day and he told me to get over it. My brother isn’t the overly emotional type so I should’ve expected that response from him. I sat and I thought, maybe he’s right. Though a bit harsh; he’s right. Maybe I do need to get over it and myself!

I got my journal out and I did what I thought was necessary; I created a game plan with three steps and entitled it ‘Moving On!!!!’ (Yes, it really did have those 4 exclamation marks; they represented each friend… corny, I know.)

Step 1Know your purpose:

  • What exactly are you letting go? Why?
  • How is it going to help you?

Write the answers to these questions out. When I did this I realized it not only required me to think deeply about the issue but it will helped me see it.

Step 2: Address the issue… With the individual

Yup! I said it; address the issue! My second strength is harmony so naturally this step is my make it or break it point. (My first strength is restorative- go figure)

It is never easy confronting an issue but it’s necessary! I’ve had to confront a lot of issues. At times it was easy. Other times, it took every fiber of my being to remain as calm as possible.

I made a note to set up a lunch date…

And lastly, Step 3: Be open minded

More often than not, issues arise out of misunderstanding and miscommunication. During your meeting you should open to the fact that maybe there was a misunderstanding. In my case, there were two different takes. 3 of the 4 people felt there was a misunderstanding. One just felt I was in the wrong. (Can’t win ’em all!)

After you’ve completed these three steps, let go, just let go.

While it’s difficult and painful, but when you are letting go of something, you have simply release it! Move on! Just accept the changes whatever they may be. Greater things are in store! In the end, I lost one friend, reconciled with three and gained two in the process.

So on the count of three, let go.

  1. … Remember it has happened; there is nothing you can do to change its existence (unless of course you are plotting some evil scheme to erase it out of everyone’s memory- :-/ )
  2. … The change is not as bad as you think, see it as time to reflect POSITIVELY, no negativity please and thank you!

       And 3… exhale let go… Just let go… Now breathe, was it that hard? Not really. Was it painful? Yes, but I’m not as painful as the initial event.

I hope these steps helped! How have you successfully dealt with issues with others? I would love to know!

Until next time… Be adventurous! -Christ Above Everything & L<3ve Bountifully! =)

Drinking a… Salad?


If you know me and you know me well, you’ve probably heard me say that I’m getting my summer body ready for the past 2 years. No worries, I’m getting there! Over the spring break my roommate convinced a hall-mate and me to watch a documentary on juicing entitled ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. It was VERY inspiring and informative to say the very least.

The film revolves around Joe Cross who is diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease. Cross is on steroids and quite frankly he has ran out of options. So, he decided to let his body ‘heal itself’ by juicing. He vowed to drink only fresh fruit and vegetables for 60 days. Yup, you read correctly, ONLY juice, no meals in between.

Feeling very motivated after watching the film, we concluded that a lifestyle change was definitely what we needed. We decided that we were going to juice! I was so excited and ready to partake of my first juiced beverage. At first I was apprehensive as I had no idea how the combination of spinach, carrots, celery, apple, oranges, flax seed and almonds was going to taste. I had no clue about any adverse effects it may have on my body.

After watching 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead'

After watching ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’

I said a quick prayer and said bottoms up! (Even though it took me about 3 hours to finish one glass :-/ )

That was a 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday, I officially embarked on my 30 day juicing challenge and it only took me about 20mins to drink the apple, carrots and celery combo! I am determined to see what my results will be in the next 29 days.

Day 1 of Juicing Challenge :D

Day 1 of Juicing Challenge 😀

If you want to venture out of this adventure with me, you are more than welcome to. Be sure to check with your family physician if you have any preexisting health conditions or simply just to be on the safe side. 🙂

  • To watch the documentary, you can check out http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com.
  • To check out or to join me on my 30 day juicing change, here the link: http://juicerecipes.com/30-day-challenge/

Remember it is not just about losing weight, it is about living a healthier lifestyle!

Until next time… Be adventurous! -Christ Above Everything & L<3ve Bountifully! =)

Time’s Up!


A couple months ago, I sat in the salon under the hair dryer. In comes this lady with nails that were AT LEAST 8 inches long (her real nails that is!) The pinky nail’s time is up and she doesn’t want to cut it… She doesn’t want it off.

Then I began to think. How many things in our lives are ready to be cut off? What are we holding on to that has already served its time?

No doubt her nail will cause an infection if she unfortunately hits it up, but she doesn’t care about that.

Her pride wouldn’t allow to cut it.

Her rep wouldn’t allow her to let it go.

But holding on to it is only doing her more harm than good.

Can you imagine the RELIFE she will feel when she cuts that ten to fifteen years of dead cells off? But no, she rather doctor it up and paint it beautifully. Just like the baggage some of us carry. We rather put a band aid over it and make it look good, rather than cut it off and let it go!

So my question to you today is: what are you holding on to that has exceed its time? Or, Who are you holding on to that has already moved on? Isaiah 43:18 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.”

Choose today to just cut it off and let go.

It will heal… Time heals all OPEN wounds, not the ones we cover up and make look pretty. *wink*

Until next time… Be adventurous! -Christ Above Everything & L<3ve Bountifully! =)

Sell Me Your Dream!


If you’re a Disney lover like me you’ve probably sang these lines from the Cinderella movie a few times.

So, really, what is a dream? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. Whether we openly admit it or not, we all have – at some point in our lives, had dreams.

My definition of a dream is an aspiration fueled by passionEverything you do should propel you to your dream.

So what is it? What drives you? It doesn’t have to be anything grand, it can be simple. One of my dreams is to fit into a dress that I love dearly, by this summer. Am I going to fulfill that? I most definitely will! (I have too many people to prove wrong lol). And that’s another thing about dreams, not everyone is going to be accepting of it. It’s okay. It is YOUR dream, not THEIRS. I remember having one specific aspiration and I told someone who I figured would encourage me but instead I was told I wasn’t smart enough and that my dream was pretty much stupid.(Ouch) yeah I know. That hurt. It crushed me to my very core. But I moved on.

Never, ever, ever be afraid to dream just because someone shook you out of your bliss. If you can dream it, you can achieve with God’s help; and I’m not just saying that.

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

When you speak about your dream don’t just tell it, SELL it! Persuade me to dream along with you!

So… sell me your dream!

Balancing School, Life and Other Responsiblities

Work Hard...

Work Hard…

Welcome to college! Where all you do is party, sleep, do a little homework here and there, go to a class or two. Right? WRONG!

Other than the mandatory stuff like going to classes ON TIME and handing in assignments ON TIME, getting at least 7-8hrs of sleep every night and eating ON TIME. You may be like me, and are a member of a choir or some type of leadership team and have other responsibilities. I’ve been asked many times, ‘How do you do it?’ And every time I’m asked I shake my head and laugh.

So I’m finally going to answer; I came up with 6 tips to balancing school, life and other responsibilities:

    1. Numero uno! Prayer and Personal Devotion: Sounds cliche but it’s definitely true. Without prayer and one on one time with God. We’d probably be walking zombies(void unrested miserable beings)! Praying helps you get stuff off of your chest and spending time with God reminds you that He’s always there. Plus, when you pray, this thing happens… And your prayers are answered. (Wink)
    2. Numero Dos! Prioritize. You are in school so obviously your eduction comes first. But what happens when you are asked to do something urgently? The reality is, things pop up. What I’ve had to do many times is sit and make a list of everything I need to do and when I need to get them done by.
    3. Numero Tres! Proper Time Management! The reason why we get in 99.9% of our overwhelming situations is because we don’t practice good time management. My roommate takes the time out every week to make plans for the following weeks ahead. Do it! Plan your times to wake up, eat, do assignments, study, read and even when to sleep. Make sure they’re realistic though. Don’t get too carried away.
    4. Numero Cuatro! Take the time out to RELAX. Yup I said it, and FYI your parents will approve and your body will thank you. Overworking yourself and not taking the time to relax will only cause you to be worn out.
    5. Numero Cinco! Live Healthy.  Eat right, drink lots of water and exercise! My mummsy always said, “your brain can’t function without food and on a little bit of sleep.”
    6. Numero Seis! Designate Responsibilities. You can’t do it all! If you’re a part of a group or team remember- ‘Team work makes the dream work!” Not only will it help with your workload it will give others the opportunity to help.
...Work Even Harder...

…Work Even Harder…

Well there you have it folks, six easy tips on balancing school, life and other responsibilities! If you have any more to add comment below.